Russia opens a hospital to fight infections diseases in the Republic of Guinea

No comment, just translation (on sabbatical and too absorbed in writing to post to this blog); under the heading of Russia’s efforts in the realm of global health.

29 January 2015. In the framework of a memorandum of understanding between Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Guinea, and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Republic of Guinea, the Center for the Fight Against Infections Diseases was solemnly opened on 17 January of this year in the province of Pastoria, Guinea, built using funds provided by Russian business. [Note in the photo below, the Russian business that appears to be involved is RusAl – Russian Aluminum. Follow the money.]

Guinean President Alpha Condé visited the opening ceremony of the Center.

The Center was built on the territory of the former Soviet-Guinean Institute Pasteur in Kindia Prefecture. The Center specializes in research on infectious and especially dangerous diseases, and also on their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. it is one of the most contemporary centers for the struggle with acute viral diseases in West Africa.

The Center comprises an infectious hospital, a field hospital, and a blood transfusion division. In the first phase the main task of the hospital will be detection and treatment of people suffering from Ebola.

The specialized anti-epidemic brigade of Rospotrebnadzor, which had earlier rendered assistance in the fight against Ebola out of the Donka hospital in the Guinean capitol of Conakry, since January of this year has been carrying out methodological and humanitarian aid in the organization of a complex of anti-epidemic measures in the diagnosis of Ebola in this Russian-Guinean hospital in the province of Pastoria.

Rospotrebnadzor is prepared to further assist the Republic of Guinea in order not only to finally eradicate the Ebola epidemic, but also to build capacity in the country for ensuring sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing.


Preparations for the opening ceremony. Photo from


Russian hospital in Guinea sponsored by RusAl – Russian Aluminum. Photo from


Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Guinea Alexander Bregadze (in the shades) at the opening ceremony for the hospital. Photo from

Original Russian text on the website of the Russian Federal Service for the Supervision in the Sphere of Consumer Rights ans Wellbeing:

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